What is Online Meeting Program

Due to the coronavirus, which has started all over the world since 2019 and has gradually grown into a general epidemic, people had to make face-to-face meetings online. For this reason, the state has become widespread in Turkey and all foreign online meeting programs. Some programs can be used both on mobile phones and on the computer by logging in via the web. Although many online meeting programs are quite famous on the internet now, new ones are still coming out and being launched.

Features of the Programs The meeting programs are limited by their general features and the number of people is limited and they offer video and audio communication. These programs, which are very popular among people, are now used in a way that provides control between the student and the teacher or over the work of an expert. If different applications do not want to share the person's image, they offer various filters, allowing the user to be more comfortable. People can make such choices according to their needs and desires and enter their meetings and interviews at home or from any environment they want. Online Meeting Online meeting is called the audio and video conversation made over the internet that does not pose a risk due to the disruption of the relations between various persons or institutions due to the general epidemic. Although it varies from application or system used, generally these meeting programs have a limit of one person. The reason for this is that the internet connection and the system do not accept additional users after a certain number and start to crash. For these and other reasons, the programs can be used free of charge up to a certain person. If there is a demand from users, an additional band can be provided to increase the number of people and a meeting with a higher number of people can be opened.

Areas Used

 Although many programs are used during monthly or annual meetings of various institutions and organizations, the group that constitutes the majority of the main users is educators. When there were cases such as the closure of schools due to the epidemic, students and teachers continued to create virtual classrooms and teach online meeting programs. Apart from teachers and students, the leading people who use this program are people who provide vocational education for adults in some institutions. These people record online lectures they give to a certain group at the same time and put them on the internet for other people to benefit from.

How Safe

 In addition to the benefits of online meeting programs, people are also worried about the possible harms. One of the reasons for this concern is that online meeting programs have access to the person's image and voice. This situation raises concerns among people that such information is being collected and sold illegally to various institutions. Various sites recommend that they read the terms of use again clearly to show their users that they are safe in these and other situations. He says that no company has such a right and therefore it is not possible to store and sell it.