Meetgate Features

Meetgate Features

Meet gate, an online conference program where business meetings, various presentations, conferences about educational institutions, or personal meetings can be made easily, offers its users a perfect experience.


 Due to the increasing measures, especially during the pandemic period, many meetings are now held with online conference programs. It is now very easy to make all kinds of conversations, no matter where you are in the world, thanks to Meetgate.


 What are the Features of the Meetgate Program?


 With its easy use and high performance, Meetgate, the most preferred online conference program globally, impresses with its many features.


 Meetgate's main features can be listed as follows;


-Screen Sharing Opportunity,


-Video Recording Option,


-File-Sharing Opportunity,


-High Image Quality,


- Instant Chat Opportunity,


-The ability to take surveys,


-Quality Sound Level,


-Presentation Opportunity,


-Live Broadcast Option

Video Recording


 Meetings with Meetgate can be recorded upon request. Thus, it is possible to monitor the interviews made at different times.


 File Sharing


 During the meetings, files can be shared with the people in the conference, if desired. Thus, it is aimed to make more efficient conversations.


 Screen sharing


 If desired, it is possible to show anything from your own computer to the people in the conversation by using the screen-sharing feature.


 High Image Quality


 All video calls made with Meetgate are performed in 720p quality. Thus, the participants continue their conversations with high image quality. During the interview, the participants never encounter problems such as freezing.


 Quality Sound Level


 It is possible to have a problem-free conversation with a sound level that is at least as high as the image quality.

Instant Chat


 With the opportunity to chat instantly, participants can also chat in writing while making audio and video calls. If desired, it is possible to chat only in writing rather than voice and video chat.


 Survey Feature


 It is possible to conduct live surveys instantly during the meetings with Meetgate. With the ability to make instant surveys, it is aimed to get high efficiency from the meetings and interviews.


 In addition to all these features, Meetgate, an easy-to-use program, is a completely user-friendly program. At the same time, it is ensured that the video and audio communication records made are secured. Security is the most important element of the system.


 With many different language options, it is possible to communicate with all kinds of people from different parts of the world.


 Meet gate can be accessed from many different devices such as desktop computers, laptops, or tablets. It is also possible to use it with different operating systems such as IOS and Android.


 There is a technical team that provides service 24/7 for problems related to video conferencing. With the help of this technical team, problems are solved instantly.