Online Conference Program

Online Conference Program

Regarding the covid-19 virus experienced today, people have started to stay in their homes. Workplaces switched to work from home as possible. Schools decided to continue education online by interrupting face-to-face education. As a result of these developments, people do not prefer to meet face to face. People who cannot meet face to face generally try to communicate online. Especially employees have started to attend meetings online. We recommend an online meeting program where you can connect with the world.

  The Essential Program of Online Meetings

 In business life, almost all business meetings are now held through online meeting programs. With the most popular and most preferred online conference program, you can choose to have a quality online meeting. Moreover, a free trial version is offered to you for only seven days. After using the trial version for the first time, you can sign up. Thus, by using the highest quality online meeting program, you can have high-quality meetings.

 What are the Meetgate System Features?

Quality is an extremely important element for business meetings. Meetgate, on the other hand, offers you high performance and provides the opportunity to communicate without interruption. Moreover, you can establish a quality communication with people all over the world.

One of the most striking features of the program can be expressed as ease of use.

Moreover, it shows itself as an extremely reliable program in terms of security.

Thanks to the language options in the program, it has a feature that provides ease of use.

It will provide a high level of compatibility with any device you will use.

After registering for the program, you can have a quality meeting experience thanks to unlimited calls and unlimited user features.

Thanks to Meetgate, you can also participate in meetings using a mobile application.

Moreover, there are free membership options in the program.

There is the technical support that you can reach and receive service on any day and at any time against possible problems you may encounter.

What are the Meetgate Meeting Features?

It has a video recording feature. Thus, you can find the opportunity to watch the conversations again afterwards. It can be shown as a useful feature, especially in conferences held for educational purposes.

If you want to show a file from your own computer, the screen sharing feature will greatly facilitate you.

You will have high image quality as you will use it as a top-quality online conference program.

You can share files during the meeting and in this way you can have a better quality conference.

The remote control feature is a very important feature for people who aim to participate actively. It is activated during screen sharing.

You can also choose to broadcast the meetings live on Youtube or a radio channel.

Drawing tools and writing area are among the features of the program in order to increase the efficiency of the meetings.