What is an online conferencing program?

What is an online conferencing program?

What is an online conferencing program?

Applications that offer video calling, presentations and remote applications, which are preferred by many companies around the world, are called online conferencing programs. It is used to make home office work, which is also very common in our country, more efficient. Online conferencing programs are important for organizing the workflow and providing the necessary organization. In addition to increasing productivity between employees and teams, it also provides a different way of communication with the customers.

What is an online conference?   

The rapid increase in technological developments is the scene of positive developments. This also creates the need to keep up with the fast passing time. Having the possibility to be wherever we want, even though not physically but visually, should be one of the greatest innovations that technology brings. It is a means by which a group of more than two people can communicate with each other via audio and video, regardless of location or distance, just as if they were in the same environment. There is an online conferencing program for online meetings.

What is the purpose of online conferences?  

Online meeting makes the distance near. Although it may seem a little different than what we are used to, there is no more different than the comfort of the place where you are to speak. It is conducted in a virtual environment over the Internet. It enables online conversations. It is sufficient to have at least two people participating a conference call. It eliminates the commitment and the loss of time. It offers an immediate contact with the customers. It is an effective way to establish communication trough both mobile devices and desktops.

What are the features of online conferencing programs?   

It offers the opportunity to have meetings with high quality video and audio.  
- Allows the host or participants to share their screens simultaneously. This allows participants to share their screens with the group.  
- Provides the ability to record. Meetings can be recorded in video, audio, and text formats  
- Provides ease of use with mobile devices  
- Thanks to many add-ons in online conferencing programs, a schedule can be created using a calendar.

Is online meeting efficient?   

The idea of holding online meetings to increase efficiency in the remote working environment supports Home office. However, to be efficient, managers need to take some actions. Unnecessarily constant gathering of employees together under the name of online meeting is one of the efficiency-reducing factors. For this reason, certain rules should be defined and the meeting should be held according to a standardized shedule. So let’s have a look at what these standards can be.

The purpose and rules of the meeting should be determined and the topic and participation rules should be shared accordingly.

Having the right people at the meeting is a factor that increases efficiency.

The platform should be tested before the meeting.

Keeping communication and presentations short to make it more effective and lively is also a precautionary measure to avoid boredom.

Participants should be reviewed and kept involved in the conversation.

It is important that the eyes are always visible in the camera, as body language is not effective in this way of communication. By creating a meeting standard according to these recommendations, effective online meeting management can be achieved without losing contact with the employees.