Which websites resemble Zoom?

Which websites resemble Zoom?

Although there are many video talk programs that become more popular during isolation, some use special devices. Others must be members of a specific platform. For this reason, many people should use video chat programs for daily activities and social relationships. This has led to a rapid increase in demand for such programs. On the other hand, given the growing popularity of coronavirus and quarantine process, zooming is at the top of the video talk program.

Which websites resemble Zoom?  


With the video call application Meetgate you can make phone calls securely and comfortably. You can hold meetings anywhere. Meetgate is a video chat application. You can use the application for free. The application has a 46 minute usage time and can have up to 20 video call participants. You can create permanent messages for all organizations. Deliver high quality video.

Skype Meet Now   

First visit www.skype.com/free-conference-call in your browser. When the page opens, click the Create a Free Meeting button in the Organize a Conference Call section using a single link. This creates a link. Simply send this link to the person you want to meet. Because the link is sent, other users can join the meeting. This is a quick and convenient use of the web browser. In addition, calls can be made using the Skype application. Conference calls made in the app can be recorded and stored for 30 days.

Google Meet and Google Hangouts 

Google makes corporate video conferencing available to everyone. Now anyone with a Google Account can create an online meeting with 100 participants and up to 60 minutes of conversation per session. If you use Gmail, Google Photos, YouTube or any other Google product, simply sign in to your existing Google Account. If you do not have a Google Account, you will need to create a Google Account. Opening a Google Account is very easy. 

Hold high-definition video and audio conferences with up to 250 participants. Real-time closed captioning with Google speech input technology. Easily join meetings. By sharing the meeting link, anyone can easily join the meeting from a desktop computer or mobile device. Team members who want to join a meeting by phone can call an international number to join the meeting of their choice. Google Hangouts Meet is integrated with the calendar, so you can seamlessly plan your schedule and easily access meeting details and calendar attachments.


Attend or plan meetings for free. You do not need to enter your credit card information. With the GoToMeeting video chat app, you can meet up to 250 people online. With GoToMeeting, you can hold online meetings in high definition. You can use it on iPhone, PC, MAC and Android devices. You can join the meeting from your Android phone or tablet.   

Demos, models, reports and other viewing controls are distributed to other participants for review. You can share the entire screen of the device with anyone. View and join all upcoming meetings with one click. Receive a notification just before the meeting starts. It's one of the most preferred websites like Zoom.