Frequently Asked Questions
How many people can I invite to meetings?

There is no limit to the number of people that can be invited to meetings.

Can I invite non-members to the meeting on Meetgate?

People must be a member to participate in the meeting.

How can I send Meetgate to my friends?

You can promote Meetgate to your friends through tools such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.

Do I need a microphone during the meeting?

Yes. You must have a microphone in order to have a voice conversation.

Can I attend meetings without my microphone?

If you are not going to speak, you can join.

Do I have to use a camera during the meeting?

No. You don`t have to use a camera.

Can I turn off the camera during the meeting?

Yes. You can turn off your camera during the meeting.

Can I communicate by message during the meeting?

You can communicate both in voice and in writing during the meeting.

Is Meetgate compatible with mobile devices?

Yes. Meetgate is a mobile compatible system.

Is Meetgate available in the android market?

No. Not yet available.

Is it available on Meetgate AppStore?

No. Not yet available.

Is it possible to schedule a meeting for a specific time period with Meetgate?

Yes, you can hold your meeting whenever you want.

Will Meetgate remind me of meetings I plan?

You can remind meetings with the Meetgate calendar application.

Can I review our meetings with Meetgate later?

Yes. By recording the meetings you can review everything, again.

Can I forward my presentation files to the participants by screen sharing with Meetgate?

Yes, you can communicate your presentation to other participants with Meetgate screen sharing.

Can I continue to text while on Meetgate screen sharing?

While sharing your screen with Meetgate, you can continue to do other actions.

Can participants intervene in screen sharing?

No, there is no intervention of other participants during screen sharing.

Is it possible for the other party to download the submitted files?

The submitted files can be easily downloaded if requested by other participants.

Can I join Meetgate meetings without a headset?

Yes, you don`t need a headset for Meetgate.

Does attending Meetgate meetings outdoors affect sound quality?

If the sound quality of your computer is good, you will not have any systemic problems.

Will I have any connection problems during screen sharing?

Except for the problems caused by your internet connection, Meetgate has designed the whole structure perfectly. For this reason, it is not possible to have any problems.

How can I solve the connection problem while screen sharing?

When you encounter a problem during screen sharing, you can solve the problem by logout - logging in.

How can I screen share in Meetgate meetings?

You must be authorized to share screens during Meetgate meetings. You can then screen share by following the steps from the tabs on the screen.

Can I send files during the video call?

Yes, you can send files while your conversation is in progress.

How can I send files during the call?

You can use the drag method to send a file, or you can use the add file section in the application.

Is it possible to cancel the file I sent?

Files sent can be canceled by the user.

Can I delete the file I sent?

The user who posted the file and other participants can delete the file.

Can I view my messages when the other party sees it?

You can understand whether your message has been seen from the phrases at the bottom of the messages.

Are there any day and time limitations for holding meetings?

There is no limitation for holding your meetings.

Is there an individual limit to invite to a meeting?

No, each user can invite participants without any invite limit. However, participants must be authorized in this regard.

Is it possible to invite people to the meetings at the same time?

It is possible to send an invitation simultaneously.

Is e-mail address sufficient to invite participants?

E-mail address will be sufficient, as well as you can invite via social media tools.

Can files be shared for homework checking during online classes?

Yes. Files can be shared during the online course.

Can students turn off their cameras during online classes?

Yes. The camera can be turned off during the online lesson.

Can students turn off their microphones during online lessons?

Yes. Microphone can be turned off during online lesson.

Is the connection lost during the online course?

Disconnection during online lessons is a rare occurrence.

What to do if the connection is lost during online classes?

If you experience any problems during the calls, you can follow the steps in the application`s help center.

Is it possible for the teacher to turn off the student`s microphone during the online lesson?

Yes. Teachers can turn off students` microphones.

Is it possible to save online courses?

Yes. Courses can be recorded.

Is it possible to invite participants to interviews?

Yes. With Meetgate, your personal information is safe. You can also get information about this by reading the Personal Data Protection Agreement on our website.

Does Meetgate have the right to use my personal information?

In some cases, Meetgate may use your personal information. You can also get information about this by reading the Personal Data Protection Agreement on our website.

How can I get detailed information about the security of my personal information?

You can also get information about this by reading the Personal Data Protection Agreement on our website.

How can I contact you when I have a problem with the application?

You can contact us from the help center / support section.

Who can I contact with Meetgate?

You can communicate with anyone you want and who is a member of Meetgate.

Do the meetings have any duration?

No. There is no limitation.

Is there a limit to meeting recordings?

No, unlimited.

How many GB of meetings can I record?

Meeting recording is unlimited.

Can I download the meetings I have recorded to my computer / tablet / phone?

Yes. You can download it.

How can I download Meetgate?

You can download it from our website or web browser.

How can I set up Meetgate?

Meetgate is extremely easy to install. You can install by following the instructions.

Is it compatible with the Meetgate MacOs operating system?


Can I download Meetgate from the Apple Store?

No. You can download it from the browser to your phone.

Can I download Meetgate from the Google Play Store?

No. You can download it from the browser to your phone.

Will Meetgate take up a lot of space on my phone?

No. Meetgate is an extremely useful and compact application.

Will Meetgate cause heating, contraction and slowing problems on my phone, computer or tablet?

No no.

Can I understand if my colleagues are available?

You can check the availability of your members and friends whether they are online or not.

How can I let my friends know that I am available?

If you are online, your friends can know that you are available.

Can I use more than one device during the same call?

Yes. You can use.

Do I have to give my name when registering? Nickname wouldn`t be enough?

You must also give your name.

Can I use Meetgate in every country?

Yes. Meetgate can be used in any country.

Can I use Meetgate if I`m younger than 18?

Yes. You can use.

I don`t want to use Meetgate in English. Are there different language options?

Yes, there are many language options other than English.

Is there a mobile phone I can`t download Meetgate?

No. You can download it to every phone.

Can my conversations be viewed by 3rd parties?

No. Meetgate cannot access your conversations.

Are my conversations through Meetgate safe?

Yes. Your personal data is completely safe with Meetgate.

Can I use Meetgate only to chat with people?

You can use Meetgate as you wish.

Will I be notified when I receive an invitation from Meetgate?

Yes. You can get a notification.

Is it possible to receive notifications about Meetgate by e-mail?

Yes, if you wish, you can also receive invitation notifications by e-mail.

My voice is not transmitted across. What should we do?

Check your microphone. If there is no problem, contact the help center.

Is Meetgate free?

Meetgate can be used for free or by using paid packages.

How much is paid to become a member?

Meetgate membership is free. However, after you become a member, you can upgrade your membership by purchasing a package.

Is the fee given once?

Meetgate packages have monthly / annual payment options.

Do I have to pay the membership fee every month?

You can pay the package fees covering your membership monthly or annually.

Can I get a discount for more than 1 membership on Meetgate?

You have to pay the package fee for every membership you purchase with Meetgate.

Do I have to pay a fee to attend the meeting to which I am invited?

You do not have to pay any fees for meeting attendance.

Is it paid to download Meetgate on mobile devices?

It is free to download, but the application is paid.

Is there a single payment plan?

There are multiple payment plans available. You can find the details on our website.

Is Meetgate free?

Meetgate; It offers paid and free options. Although membership is free, you can choose paid packages to take advantage of the system`s privileges.

Is membership required to attend Meetgate meetings?

Yes, once you become a Meetgate member, you can join meetings for free.

What is Meetgate?

Meetgate is a cloud-based structure that allows you to hold meetings with video conferencing.

How can I register on Meetgate?

To become a member of Meetgate, click the "Register" button on our website. Start your membership after filling in the relevant information.

How can I use Meetgate?

To use Meetgate, you must be a member. After you become a member, you can start a video conference as a participant or a host.

Is it necessary for people to be a member to attend the meeting?

You must be a member to join Meetgate. However, you do not need to upgrade your membership to paid membership.

If I use the application for a few days and do not like it, can I get a refund?

Yes. If you are not satisfied with the application, you can get a refund.

Is there a free trial version of the app?

Yes, there is 7 days trial version.

Are all the features of the application available in the trial version?

Yes, all features are available.

Can I hold a short trial meeting?

Yes. You can organize a short meeting in the trial version.

Does Meetgate ask for my personal information?

Apart from the information you share while signing up, no extra information is requested.

Why does Meetgate request my personal information?

Meetgate requests information for user security.

Do i need a microphone?

If your computer has a microphone feature, you do not need an external microphone. A similar situation is valid for tablets and smartphones.

Is a camera required to attend meetings?

You don`t need a camera to attend meetings. Because the users who wish can become the participants of the meeting visually.

Which devices is Meetgate compatible with?

Meetgate; It is compatible with any device that connects to the internet and is in the smart device category.

Can I schedule my meetings?

You can schedule your meetings with the calendar feature available in the Meetgate application.

Can I record my conversations?

With the screen recording option, you can record your Meetgate meetings with video and audio.

Is it possible to chat in writing during the interview?

With the Meetgate Chat feature, you can chat in writing while talking.

Is there an hour / day limit for meetings?

There is no limit to hold your meetings. You can make your calls at any time and for as long as you wish.

What is the limit on the number of participants?

Meetgate agrees not to limit the number of participants. In this sense, hundreds of users can join the meeting at the same time.

Are there any location restrictions for meetings?

You can join meetings from anywhere in the world via Meetgate.

Can I use the `Mute` option in meetings?

You can use the Mute option when you want your voice not to be reflected in the meeting. You can also do this feature to not hear other users` voices.

What is Meetgate screen sharing?

Thanks to Meetgate screen sharing, you can project your own screen to other users. In this way, you can open a file or drawing on your computer to all users.

What are the options of Meetgate paid membership?

Meetgate paid membership helps you overcome the limits of free membership. For detailed information, you can check the "Pricing" page.

Is it possible to invite participants to interviews?

You can enable any users to log in to your meetings. There is no restriction on inviting participants.

What should be done to invite a participant?

To invite participants to the meetings, it is sufficient to share the meeting link. In case you want the conversation to be protected with a password, you must also share the ID and Password.

What should my connection speed be to connect to Meetgate?

If your connection speed is not too low, you can connect to Meetgate. There is no limitation for connection.

Is it possible to turn off the camera during the meeting?

If you don`t want your footage to be seen by others, you can continue the meeting out loud and turn off your camera.

What should be done in case of frostbite?

If the image freezes, the error is most likely caused by your connection. In this case, you should check your internet connection. If there is no problem with your connection, you should log out and log in to the meeting again.

How can I download Meetgate?

You can use the link on our website to download Meetgate.

Who can screen share on Meetgate?

In order to be able to share the Meetgate screen, the Host must have authorized you. Otherwise, you cannot screen share.

What is the Meetgate poll option?

Meetgate survey option is a system used to collect ideas instantly during the meeting.

Is my personal information safe with Meetgate?

The information you share with Meetgate is secured under the Personal Data Protection Act.

Is it possible to attend meetings with the same IP?

It is possible to attend meetings with different computers over the same IP. There is no situation related to IP limitation.

How can I share my presentations with other people in the meeting?

You can transmit your presentation files to other users with the file sharing option, as well as with the screen sharing option.

What can I do if my voice doesn`t go to the participants?

In case your voice does not go to the participants, you should check whether the microphone is turned off. If the microphone is not turned off, you should log out and try to log in again. If the problem still persists, you can contact our technical team.

Is it possible to record meetings?

With the option to record a meeting, you can enable the recording of audio and video. However, the host of the meeting should give you the authority to do this. Otherwise, you will not be able to register.

Can I turn off my microphone during a meeting?

If you want your voice not to be heard during the meeting, you can activate the mute microphone option.

Can all participants add new participants during the meeting?

To add participants to meetings, you must be a Host or authorized by the Host. Otherwise, you cannot add participants to the meeting.

Can I participate in meetings by sending a message?

With the chat feature, you can also participate in the meetings by text messaging.

Is Meetgate compatible with all browsers?

You can log in to Meetgate on your compatible devices using any browser.

Can I screen share from tablet and phone?

It is possible for users attending the meetings from tablet or mobile devices to share screen. However, you must be authorized by the Host for this.

Can I save shared data and files?

You can save the files and photos sent during the meeting to your device.

I have a camera and microphone but it won`t turn on. What could be the reason?

You can test your camera and microphone before the meeting. Although there is no problem with the microphone and camera, you can contact our technical team if you have a sound and image problem in the meeting.

What can I do if my meeting invitation does not arrive?

You can participate in the meetings by e-mail or by sending a link via other communication devices. In case the link cannot be forwarded, you can get support from the Host to send it again.

Is it possible to connect with multiple microphones?

Although it is technically possible to attend the meeting with more than one microphone, it is not recommended to use multiple microphones as it will adversely affect the sound quality.

How are interviews secured?

While Meetgate takes special precautions for the privacy of the conversations to protect personal data, ID, Password and Host approval is provided for participation in the meetings. This prevents unknown users from joining the meeting.

Is it possible to do online lessons with Meetgate?

It is possible to conduct online classes with Meetgate. There is no limitation at this point.

Can online classes be planned with Meetgate?

With the Meetgate calendar feature, you can plan your lessons.

Is it possible for the teacher to screen share during the online lesson?

It is possible for teachers and students to share screens during online lessons.

What does Meetgate do?

Meetgate is an extremely new system that enables people to communicate with each other via video and message.

Is it possible to have a video call with Meetgate?

Yes. You can make a video call with Meetgate.

Can I organize my business meetings through Meetgate?

Yes. You can hold a meeting with Meetgate.

How can I join the meeting to which I am invited?

You can participate in the meeting via the link sent to you. However, you must first become a member.

Can I invite participants to a meeting that I didn`t create?

Yes. You can invite attendees to each meeting.

How can I create a meeting?

To create a meeting, you must first become a member and upgrade your membership. It is not possible to create a meeting for free memberships.

How many people can I invite to meetings?

There is no limit to the number of people that can be invited to meetings.