Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy




As Meetgate, we attach great importance to the privacy of your information and data. We prove that we are a responsible structure by sharing with you what kind of practices we perform in the collection and processing of your personal information and your rights regarding data collection.


The Privacy Policy detailed below is related to the Meetgate platform and users who do not agree to the terms should not use the platform.


Collected Data


• While subscribing to Meetgate, users share information such as name, surname and e-mail.

• In order to sign up for the Meetgate newsletter, you must share your name, surname and e-mail information by granting permissions.

• Your IP address is recorded when you connect to the Meetgate system.

• In order for the users to have a better quality experience, SMS approval and your mobile phone number are requested and registered.


How is the Collected Data Used?


Information sent to Meetgate by users; newsletters are recorded for use in user accounts, invoices for service and after sales transactions. The use of all these personal information is used for legal procedures, user consent, contractual rights, legal responsibilities and other legitimate interests. The use of personal information without the consent of the user may take place in cases clearly stated by the law, otherwise, it will not be used.


Meetgate users' IP addresses are collected and stored in accordance with the relevant legal regulations, and are kept for the relevant periods to be submitted to the competent authorities in investigations and prosecutions related to cyber crimes.


How Long Is Data Retained?


Personal data shared during your Meetgate membership is stored as long as your membership continues. The retention period of the IP address is 1 year. After a period of 1 year, Meetgate destroys your IP address depending on the conditions specified in the law. In all other information sharing cases, it is stated that the data will be kept confidential during membership.


Sharing Data


While the information shared by the users with their free will is considered as "Personal Information", it is not shared with third parties in any way except for the requests of the competent authorities and the court.




Cookies are text files placed in browsers in order to define your actions and preferences in the internet environment. We use your cookie preferences to improve your internet usage experience. We do not allow the use of cookies for other purposes.


Age limit


There are no age restrictions under the roof of Meetgate, which was established for video conferencing and meeting purposes. However, in the context of considering the transactions within the scope of cyber crimes, we consider it appropriate for users who are not legally mature to use them with their parents.


Your Rights Regarding Your Personal Data


You can contact Meetgate directly for your questions and problems regarding your rights, which are explained in detail below.


• Right to learn about the situation regarding the processing of your personal data

• Right to request copies and documents related to processing in case your personal data is processed

• The right to question whether personal data are processed in accordance with its purpose.

• Right to know the parties to whom personal data are transferred

• Right to demand correction of personal data in case of incorrect or incomplete processing

•  Right to request the removal of personal data

•  The right to request an examination of whether any loss of rights has arisen within the framework of the analysis of the processed data in digital environments

• Right to claim compensation for losses incurred in case of illegal processing of personal data

• Right to restrict the processing of your personal data in whole or in part

• Right to object to the processing of your personal data


Changes to Privacy Policy


The rights regarding the changes to the Privacy Policy are on Meetgate and Meetgate informs the relevant people after the changes.