Refund Conditions

The return and exchange conditions of the service purchased through Meetgate are regulated by the following terms and procedures, depending on the electronic sales contract with the owner of the service.
Refund Conditions
Services sold by Meetgate are returned to the relevant person within the framework of legal conditions.

Refund Method
If the return conditions of the services sold on the Meetgate website are met, the users will be refunded within 15 working days, depending on the following practices, provided that the following regulations are adhered to.
Refund Types
In the event that users give up using the service for purchases made through Meetgate and inform Meetgate on time, the refund will be made depending on the payment method. Return; If the payment is made by credit card, it is made to the credit card, if made by money order, the relevant account number
Notification of Refund Request
The product / service to be returned and the return request related to this product / service must be notified to Meetgate via e-mail. The user must make the return request with the e-mail address registered in the Meetgate system. Refund requests not notified via e-mail will be deemed not to be made in accordance with the rules and will be deemed invalid.
It is not possible to return products / services purchased with campaign, discount code and similar options. Meetgate reserves the right to make changes in this regard.
Refusal of a Refund Request
Meetgate will not process and reject requests for returns that are not made in accordance with the return terms.
Canceling a Refund Request
The user can withdraw from the return request until the moment of the return. This right can only be used by the user.
Dispute and right to appeal
In case of disputes, the parties have the right to sue, while the competent court for the disputes…. It is the court.