What Are Free Online Conference Programs?

Various video conferencing programs are used by businesses to save on travel costs and increase productivity. Especially for reasons such as the Covid-19 virus, which was effective in our country in 2020, employees were obliged to do their jobs, students' lessons from home with an online conference program.


 Although some of these programs are paid, we have compiled the best and free ones for you. Web conferencing applications that you can use for various purposes will be explained below.




 Zoom has both a free and paid plan, and its free plan only allows 40 minutes of calls. It also limits the number of call participants to three people, yet allows an unlimited number of meetings. One-on-one meetings will be useful in this respect since they are not limited to a certain period of time. However, businesses or individuals that switch to a paid plan can have as many users as they want, unlimited meetings, and video conferencing with many more features.




 This online conference program, which makes it easy for companies to create powerful video communication strategies, is designed for ease of use and collaboration. Livestorm allows HR teams in marketing and sales to create online events for their audience. It is also an all-in-one program that adapts to many types of events such as meetings, conferences, webinars, online training courses.

Zoho Meeting


 Zoho company, known for its security and privacy issues, has an online conference program and has no limit for meeting time. Moreover, it allows you to organize unlimited meetings from web browsers without downloading any apps, even while using the free version. The free version only allows 2 participants and has limited features, but for small businesses or for conversations that are not of great importance, this app will be quite cheap. It will be an excellent choice for large businesses as it comes to security and privacy.




 TeamViewer, which is competitive in security, guarantees the support and solutions it will use. The program, which is suitable for use on most devices, also has the ability to run several remote sessions on Mac operating systems at the same time. The application, where you can make video or audio conferences according to your preference, also provides text-based chat facilities. Moreover, it does not require any registration or download process for use. Another feature is the sticky note feature and can be used to leave messages to other individuals being addressed about any updates. Although the free plan also seems to have great features, the other features in the paid plan will also make you more satisfied than you think.




 You've probably heard of Skype. Because it really provides a valuable free web conferencing service. Another free feature that is not so widely known is that it also allows screen sharing. Unlike many, anyone who wants to use Skype must download and register their program. It also requires its attendees to be added to the contact list to use the conference features. These imperatives will also be worth the result.