What Are The Alternative Sites To Zoom?

The worldwide effects of the coronavirus epidemic have drawn ways for workplace owners to hold their meetings on different applications. The most important reason for this situation is to slow down the spread of the virus and to minimize the time to spend together while preventing disruption of the business order. Especially at the end of the month, these applications, which enable many companies to make calls, offer both free calls and the opportunity to record and evaluate the interviews. So much so that many companies shared these interviews on youtube, paving the way for the emergence of a new video trend.

Effective in Recruitment Processes

 We are in a process where applications are preferred by human resources departments not only in meetings but also in recruitment processes. These video interviews make it possible to have an effective conversation just like face-to-face and side-by-side interviews. Whether these new benefits of the global order are lump sum or innovation is a controversial issue for now. However, the biggest breakthrough among the applications is undoubtedly zoom-like sites. The application, which allows you to talk to many people at the same time in a mutual dialogue during the 40-minute free call process, allows you to stay in touch by creating a new meeting for longer meetings. So, can the conversation be made only via zoom? What are free zoom-like sites, how can these sites be used, today we have compiled a similar site for you.

For Effective Communication; MeetGate

Meet gate is one of the structures that you can easily choose for your needs such as online conference, training and organization. This structure, where you can make your calls under reliable conditions with the cloud system, has a useful and perfect infrastructure. The most important feature of the site is content sharing, voice communication, etc. designed with similar functionality to zoom-like sites. to accommodate the possibilities. After logging into the site, you can create the Meetgate connection via tablet, smartphone or computer and make your important conversations on this platform.

Regular Update for Customers

Thanks to Meetgate's constantly updated and renewed service concept, you can complete your meetings with the most suitable infrastructure for today's technology. Sudden interruption, freezing, etc. This platform, where problems are presented to you by minimizing them, always has an up-to-date and ergonomic interface. As in other programs, complex menus, technical problems experienced during the meeting and conditions that make communication difficult are optimized by Meetgate and become the communication network of the global order with a new system.

 User-Friendly Communication Network

 Being able to record your interviews also speeds up the preparation process of the reports you will create for the next meeting. In this way, it is enough to take a look at your meeting history to take a look at your important notes. At the same time, you can hold your meeting on the day and time you specify, and you can make communication possible without any restrictions. Thanks to its easy use, all users join the system with the instructions they can follow and can participate in the communication network from any device they want.