What are Zoom-Like Sites

The coronavirus has changed some things all over the world. With the Home Office working system, many people started to use their home as an office. But teleworking created communication problems. Programs to be used for daily interviews and meetings were investigated. As such, people faced many alternatives. There are different options against sites like Zoom, which is the most used remote communication application.

  Alternative Sites to Zoom

  Applications are needed for job interviews and lesson participation. You can attend meetings and follow lectures using different options. Zoom application is a very popular application in our country and in the world. Having a simple usage structure is also attractive to people. It is available on different sites that will alternatives to it.

  The biggest reason for the research on sites like Zoom is security concerns. The different program options that can be used during the video call are;

Cisco Webex


Google Hangout Meet

Adobe Connect

Cisco Webex

  You can use this video conferencing system free of charge for individual use. It is a very safe system in terms of security. It is designed with infrastructure similar to Skype. Screen recording can be made. It can immediately translate the meeting in writing. It offers subtitles. The Turkish language option is also available in the program. It is possible to use the program by downloading it.

  Skype Program

  Skype has long been one of the preferred apps for users. It has quality and infrastructure features that can create an alternative for sites like Zoom You can make voice or video calls using this application. You are offered the chance to obtain HD quality images. In addition, screen sharing is possible. You will have the chance to convey the presentations in this way.

  This program is Microsoft's video conference program. Screen sharing option, on the other hand, helps you make your meetings and conversations more effective. You can record your conversations and watch them again whenever you want. Live subtitles are also available in this application. Turkish language support is available.

  Google Hangout Meet App

  Google Hangout Meet has two options, paid and free. In this program, you can make your meetings and conferences more effective by screen sharing. The program has Turkish language support. Live subtitle capability is another advantage of the system. The most important feature of the system is that it works in integration with other Google services.

  The integrated working system offers many advantages to the users. When you use Google systems in a combined way, more efficient conversations arise. Formatting interviews and editing data becomes easier. It is a user-friendly application. There is an opportunity to find live subtitle support in this program as well.

 Adobe Connect Program

  It is a very useful application, especially for students. The program includes a whiteboard application. Screen sharing is also available in this program. Turkish language support is another feature of the program. There is a chance to try the application for free for 90 days. It is a program that companies prefer to use in the field of education. With this application, an environment closest to classroom experience is created in remote communication. It is possible to share their content.