What is an online meeting? What are the online meeting programs?

We have been adopting the Home Office working style for a while, experiencing it, tasting it, and trying to adapt it to our lives. There is a different process for those working in the plaza. Especially if it has not been experienced before. Online meetings, which many of us were familiar with before, now take place from home. Since we obeyed the experts' call to stay home, we have built up phrases that contain "online" in abundance. Of course, the online meeting is not a situation-specific to our quarantine process. Especially, most of us had frequent online meetings with foreign or distant customers. But now the situation becomes even more important when it comes to the obligation to work from home. Let's start with the definition of what is an online meeting first.

What does online meeting mean, in short ...

Let's make a short description of the online meeting. Although it is not very new in our lives, its use has become more frequent in recent years. It is a method we frequently use in terms of progressing similar to the meetings we are used to and “making distant ones closer”. Online meeting is a type of meeting that is made for online and completely with people meeting in a virtual environment. We can also say that people in the real environment are moved to the virtual environment. You can arrange collective meetings with groups of at least two people over the internet and continue your business without disruption. Although the purpose of the online meeting is a "must" these days, it actually serves many purposes. Right now, our only option to hold meetings is to hold online meetings via virtual meeting platforms. So why does online meeting benefit our business so much? Let's answer this question with a few items.

It prevents waste of time. It completely removes the time you have traveled to reach the people, institutions, and companies to be meeting, and allows you to reach your customers and team with "one-click".

In this period when we have to work from home due to the Coronavirus, one of the biggest fears of especially employers is the decrease in employee productivity. Working from home, seen by the employer as a “door of complacency” for those who are not used to the home office working environment, has always been alarming. But thanks to online meetings, the team can meet quickly, so things go "under control" in the same way. After all, isn't it all about being efficient?

What are the online meeting platforms?

There are many virtual meeting platforms for online meetings. The internet connection you need and a few "clicks". You can easily access these programs and communicate with your team easily.