Which Sites Are Similar to Zoom Application?

Zoom application, which started to be used frequently in its new normal period, brought many alternative applications with it. It has many features, especially in the field of education and the zoom application used in the digital platform on behalf of meetings. In this article, we will list examples of zoom-like sites that we can offer you as an alternative for your video calls.

  1. Google Hangout Meet Application And Its Features

 Although Google Hangout Meet is a free app, it is often preferred for video calls. Contrary to the time limitation in the Zoom application, it allows you to hold an unlimited number of meetings. It also has an image and a sound preview screen. This feature can provide ease of preparation, especially before the meeting.

  It also offers subtitles that make it easy to listen to during the meeting. Another remarkable feature is the video recording feature, screen sharing, low bandwidth and background noise cancellation.

  2.Skype Application And Its Features

 The Skype application, which is a part of Microsoft, which is definitely acquired in Windows installations, has many features such as zoom-like sites. Its features are,

  - Finding a translation tool

 -The ability to send files

 - Calling while talking

 -Ability to give special responses and raise hands

 -location sharing

 - Free audio and video conversation with groups of 50 thousand people

 It can be listed as the features we should mention. It provides services to its customers as the preferred application of one-to-one and group conversations.

  3. Microsoft Teams Application And Its Features

  Another important application that is frequently preferred by users can be shown as Microsoft teams. You can easily hold many meetings with Microsoft teams in terms of collaboration and productivity. In addition, it can be fixed for you on behalf of both shipments and files that you frequently use. Different rooms and departments can be created within the channel features. In this way, different employees can be contacted. In addition, all members can be offered the opportunity to collaborate. There is also the feature of a platform where all channels can come together, that is, their notifications are collected. Different channels can be found for each server. As interface components, we can talk about event, files, calls, teams and chat schedule.

 4. Gotomeeting Application And Its Features

 Another application that provides video conversation on the digital platform is the Gotomeeting application. As the remarkable features provided in this application,

  - Video conference feature with HDFaces feature

 -Desktop sharing feature

 -Meeting up to two hundred and fifty people

 -Can make a meeting plan whenever you want

 -High image speed quality

 These are the details that we should especially mention. Unlike other applications, it can come to the fore with many features it provides within its own structure.

  5.Meetgate Application And Its Features

  With the features provided within the scope of video calls, you can connect with your colleagues via meet gate. File sharing feature, video recording, screen sharing are some of their features. In addition, remote control feature, polls and notes options are also available.